Right of Way

Right of Way

Right of WayThe footprint of the Ohio River Bridges Project crosses more than 200 privately or commercially owned pieces of land. In some cases only part of a property will be acquired, in others the entire property will be taken.

How many homes and businesses will be impacted?

Right-of-way plans are subject to change. Current plans call for the following:

  • Kennedy Interchange (Spaghetti Junction)
    This section contains approximately 25 parcels: two residential displacements, approximately five business relocations and multiple miscellaneous moves.
  • Downtown Indiana Approach
    This section contains approximately 41 parcels: approximately 16 residential displacements, eight business relocations and multiple miscellaneous moves.
  • East End Kentucky Approach
    This section includes approximately 106 properties, 38 of which require residential relocation.
  • East End Indiana Approach
    This section contains approximately 36 parcels, with relocations numbering between 10–20 parcels.

How is compensation determined?

An independent state-certified appraiser is assigned to assess the fair market value of each property, regardless of its intended use. Thus, each property is appraised as if the transportation project did not affect the area. Once an appraisal is approved, an offer will be prepared for the property owner. All right-of-way acquisitions are purchased in accordance with federal laws and regulations.

How is an offer made?

A buyer meets with the property owner to explain the acquisition process and present a written offer to purchase the property. Owners are paid approximately four to six weeks after accepting the state’s offer.

What about relocation costs?

Both KYTC and INDOT have policies that allow for relocation costs for residents and businesses. These amounts vary based on the individual property owners’ qualifying needs.

Where can I find more information?

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