The Ohio River Bridges Downtown Crossing


Public Involvement

Public involvement, mandated in the Project’s Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement, has been a mainstay of the Ohio River Bridges Project through the design phase, with stakeholder, historic advisory team and public meetings highlighting a truly regional initiative aimed at meeting the public’s needs and wishes. Effective, two-way communication with the public has been a hallmark of the Bridges Project since the environmental phase, which began in 1998.

Bridges Project officials interacted with various advisory teams. These core groups consisted of individuals who represented organizations, agencies, associations and other groups directly impacted by the Bridges Project. A multifaceted program, the public involvement outreach campaign utilized the project website, project-wide newsletter, informational print materials and an extensive mail and email database to communicate upcoming events, project updates, key project decisions, project milestones and long-term goals. Media relations was another important means of communicating project information to the public.

Advance Notice Procedures For Public Meetings Related To Construction Of LSIORB Project

Per Section II.A of the Settlement Agreement between the National Trust for Historic Preservation, River Fields Inc., the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Indiana Department of Transportation (January 2013), the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) have established the following advance notice procedures for public meetings related to the construction of the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges (LSIORB) project:

  1. As a general rule, at least seven (7) days’ advance notice will be provided for Public Meetings hosted by INDOT, KYTC and/or their Contractors related to construction of the Project, including but not limited to, Public Meetings hosted jointly by INDOT and KYTC through the Bi-State Management Team. Notice will be provided by:  a. Posting the notice on the Project website’s Calendar of Events, and b. Sending notice through the Project email distribution list.
  2. These procedures do not apply to KPTIA, IFA, LASIBA or any other entity besides KYTC, INDOT, and their Contractors.

Public Involvement

The multifaceted public involvement program includes the following elements:

Regional Advisory Committee: This team consisted of representatives of key government, civic and community groups on both sides of the river. The committee reviewed project work and ensured that regional needs were addressed.

Area Advisory Teams: These four groups, corresponding to each of the four areas where a bridge approach was built, met with the project team and provided feedback on design and aesthetic plans with the specific needs of their communities in mind. The diverse organizations on these groups included environmental organizations, government agencies, neighborhood associations and preservation groups.

Historic Preservation Advisory Teams: The definition and formation of the Historic Preservation Advisory Teams (HPATs) is detailed in the Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement for the Project. The HPATs were organized to ensure that the Project was designed in a manner that respected the historic qualities, landscapes, buildings and features within the Alternative – Specific Area of Potential Effect. The role of the members was to review and comment on project design details, thereby assisting the Bi-State Historic Consultation Team and the Bi-State Management Team in implementing the stipulations of the MOA.

Public Involvement

Public Meetings: Throughout the design process, the project team presented information to the public about design concepts, bridge types and aesthetics, and offered the community an opportunity to provide feedback. Notification of public meetings was posted to this website, emailed to the project database and distributed to the media.

Website: The project website,, is an up-to-date source of project information. On this site you can access project maps, photos, traffic updates and more.