The Ohio River Bridges Downtown Crossing


Area Advisory Teams

Four geographic-based teams, one on each side of the river at each bridge location, form the AATs. These teams are comprised of stakeholders from environmental organizations, government agencies, neighborhood associations and preservation groups. Membership can change as new stakeholders are identified or request membership. Representatives from the following entities comprise the AATs:

Section 1: Kennedy Interchange

  • Butchertown Neighborhood Association
  • Clifton Community Council
  • Downtown Development Corporation
  • East Market District
  • Louisville Central Community Center
  • Louisville Downtown Management District
  • Louisville Metro Economic Development Authority
  • Louisville Metro Government
  • Louisville Metro Councilman David Tandy’s Office (District 4)
  • Louisville Metro Councilman Bill Hollander’s Office (District 9)
  • Louisville Metro Housing Authority
  • Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services
  • Louisville Metro Public Works Department
  • Louisville Waterfront Development Corp.
  • Main Street Association
  • Phoenix Hill Neighborhood Association

Area Advisory Teams

Section 3: Downtown Indiana

  • City of Jeffersonville
  • Clark County Fire Department
  • Clarksville Community School Corp.
  • Clarksville Parks Department
  • Clarksville Town Council
  • Derby Dinner Playhouse
  • Jeffersonville City Council
  • Jeffersonville City Pride
  • Jeffersonville Main Street, Inc.
  • Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission
  • Rose Hill Neighborhood
  • Southern Indiana Realtors Association

Section 4: East End Kentucky

  • Bridgepointe Homeowners Association
  • City of Prospect
  • City of Green Spring
  • Harrods Creek Fire Protection District
  • Ken Carla Vista Neighborhood Association
  • Louisville Metro Government
  • Louisville Metro Councilwoman Angela Leet’s Office (District 7)
  • Louisville Metro Councilman Kelly Downard’s Office (District 16)
  • Louisville Metro Councilman Glen Stuckel’s Office (District 17)
  • Louisville Metro Economic Development
  • Louisville Metro Parks Special Events and Community Relations
  • Louisville Metro Planning and Design
  • Louisville Metro Public Works
  • Prospect/Harrods Creek Neighborhood Association
  • Saint Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church
  • Shadow Wood Homeowners Association
  • The Harbor at Harrods Creek
  • Transylvania Avenue Neighborhood Association
  • Transylvania Beach Neighborhood Association
  • Wolf Creek Homeowners Association
  • Wolf Pen Preservation Association
  • Wolf Pen Woods Community Association

Section 6: East End Indiana

  • City of Charlestown
  • City of Jeffersonville
  • Clark County Highway Department
  • Charlestown Chamber of Commerce
  • Crystal Springs Homeowners Association
  • Fox Run Homeowners Association
  • Greater Clark County Schools
  • Ports of Indiana-Jeffersonville
  • River Ridge Commerce Center
  • Stonybrooke Neighborhood
  • Utica Historical Society
  • Utica Town Council
  • Utica Township Fire Department