Downtown Bridge Design Alternatives

The design team for the Downtown Bridge started with 31 concepts for bridge types. After considering public input, engineering feasibility and cost, the number was whittled to 6; then narrowed again to 3.
Recommended Alternative 3 - Three-Span Thru Arch

Recommended Alternative 3 – The Three-Span Arch design has three sets of inclined arch ribs, connected by horizontal bracing. One unique feature of this design is the arch form, which extends down to water level. The vertical support hangers attach to the outside of the deck superstructure.

Park View

The top perspective shows a view of the bridge from the Jeffersonville Park. The bottom view presents a view from Waterfront Park on the Louisville side of the river.

The image below is a view of the underside of the bridge from Waterfront Park in Louisville.

Driver’s View

You can view each alternative from the perspective of a driver crossing the bridge.

Night View

The images below represent what the alternatives may look like at night. The aesthetic lighting has not been determined yet. These images represent one possible scenario.

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