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Historic & Environmental Preservation – Mitigation Measures


The Ohio River Bridges Project is required to minimize the project’s impact on the region’s historic and environmental resources. The Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), which is an attachment to the Record of Decision and a document prepared through careful research and planning, guided archaeologists, preservation and project officials as they worked to ensure the Bridges Project followed preservation requirements. Some key mitigation measures include:

  • Roadway lighting – Roadway lighting that may be seen from historic properties was designed and constructed to minimize light dispersion outside the highway rights-of-way.
  • Noise abatement – Noise impacts on nearby historic properties were minimized using effective state-of-the-art methods and systems, such as innovative pavement designs; bridge decks and joints; berms; noise barriers; and landscaping.
  • Streetscape improvements – Improvements such as landscaping, tree plantings, ornamental street lighting, fencing, curbing or pavements are context-sensitive, and were designed in consultation with the Kentucky and Indiana State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO).
  • Migration MeasuresBlasting and vibration – The Indiana Department of Transportation and Kentucky Transportation Cabinet ensured that construction blasting plans included measures to avoid damage to historic properties.
  • Timing of construction activities – Construction activities were limited to specific time periods, and avoided weekends and holidays whenever possible.
  • Context-sensitive solutions – Structures and project elements were designed and constructed with sensitivity to aesthetic values and historic landscapes and context.
  • Historic preservation easements – Permanent preservation easements were purchased where required by the MOA.
  • No-Work Zones – “No-Work Zones” were established within the National Historic Register boundaries of historic properties on the National Register of Historic Properties, as required by the MOA.

Other mitigation measures focused on avoiding impacts to endangered species and preserving wetlands; park resources; maintaining erosion control; mitigating air and water pollution; and implementing efforts to revegetate woody areas impacted by the project.


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