Bi-State Historic Consultation Team

Bi-State Historic Consultation TeamThe Bi-State Historic Consultation Team (BSHCT) advises Ohio River Bridges Project officials on design and construction issues having to do with historic preservation commitments outlined in the Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The BSHCT includes representatives from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) and the Kentucky and Indiana State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO).

The BSHCT considers recommendations from the Indiana (IHPAT) and Kentucky (KHPAT) Historic Preservation Advisory Teams, and advises the Bi-State Management Team (BSMT) on historic mitigation methods, systems and plans. The BSHCT may make final decisions, when empowered to do so by the BSMT.

Bi-State Historic Consultation Team

  • Amanda Abner – Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • Craig Potts – Kentucky State Historic Preservation Office
  • John Carr – Indiana Department of Natural Resources/State Historic Preservation Office
  • Mary Kennedy – Indiana Department of Transportation
  • Jeff Schmidt – Federal Highway Administration




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