East End Bridge Design Alternatives

The design team for the East End Bridge started with 15 different concepts for bridge types. After considering public input, engineering feasibility and cost, that number was whittled to 6; then narrowed again to 3.


Recommended Alternative 1 – Diamond-Tower Cable-Stayed

This alternative features two diamond-shaped support towers with cables that extend diagonally from either side of both towers and attach to the outside of the deck.

Pedestrian View

The left image shows the pedestrian walkway on the bridge and what it may look like walking across. The image on the right depicts a perspective that boaters may have traveling down the river. It gives an idea of what the underside of the bridge might look like.


Driver’s View

You can view each alternative from the perspective of a driver crossing the bridge.

Night View

The image below represents what the alternative may look like at night. The aesthetic lighting has not been determined yet. This image represents one possible scenario.


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